Wednesday, 20 May 2015

WIPW - What is terry cloth thread?

Work In Progress Wednesday.

Last week a small piece of terry cloth thread was featured in the circle of Pile 'em On. Some readers asked about it, so here is a picture.
It is too thick to force though the fabric so it is mainly suited for couching or weaving.

Pile 'em On
For the circle I tried my hand at weaving with the terry cloth thread.
 A slip of paper underneath prevents the needle snagging other threads.

The result is not impressive; the weaving feature is not noticable, but it adds a soft 'bump'.

I worked the last flame of pulled work with Four Sided Stitch.
Some more canvas work:
Left: Gobelin stitch
Middle: Wide Gobelin stitch
Right: Straight Gobelin stitch

Fruity Cushion
It was time to start using other stitches, like Surface Satin stitch and French Knots.

I'm rather pleased with the progress... but there will probably be very little to show next week. I might not even have time to read blogs or answer comments. Sorry!


  1. Great progress this week! I hadn't seen terry cloth thread before-interesting. Great colors in the fruity cushion.

  2. pile them on is ceratinly a great 3D piece and so interesting Queenie, other 2 WIP both coming along well too

  3. O wonder what that terry cloth thread was intended for. I can see couching would be the easiest way t add it. The weaving doesn't look so easy.

  4. The woven terry thread creates a smashing bouclé effect, and I love your canvas work, which reminds me slightly of Welsh quilts. Great to see your progress, mine has been very poor of late!

  5. I enjoy seeing what you are up to and your use of color, fun. Life takes up time, it's a balancing act; projects, chores, recreation etc. I think the mix makes it interesting, you know?

  6. Carin, "I will be watching you" - Just go on, I like it, and I like your continuity.

  7. I love seeing the canvas work expand across the fabric.. so interesting. It amazes me that you achieve so much with so many projects on the go.

  8. Thanks for the information and ways of using terry cloth thread. the idea of weaving using paper is great. will have to try it. the four sided stitch looks impressive and canvas stitches are also nice. the colours and embroidery on fruity cushion are progressing beautifully

  9. The terry cloth is an unusual texture, I haven't seen anything like this before. You have progressed well with your canvas work, I can see this project turning into another queenie masterpiece!

  10. What a beautiful work this week!

  11. Your stitching is all fabulous (as always!) Thanks for sharing the terry cloth thread. I was curious and do love the texture. Your canvas work is wonderful (seeing it makes me want to give it a try.) And, adding the paper to keep the needle from catching other threads while weaving is genius! I hope your busy week is a good one! (No need to reply - we'll catch up another time, I am sure!)

  12. very very pretty - all the bright colors and stitches together are beautiful!

  13. Love the photo of your terry cloth thread, it must be a pleasure to use. I think it would look very nice when couched with a herringbone stitch in a metalic thread. Your pile 'm on is growing very nice.

  14. Interesting, as always. I wonder what you are up to, away from your blog, I hope it is something good.

  15. Your masterpiece is growing! Do you have a completion date on your calendar?


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