Wednesday, 6 February 2013

More photos from Tokyo Quilt Show

More and more pictures begin to appear on various blogs of pictures from the Tokyo International Great Quilts Festival.

The show is huge and it is impossible to see, and take pictures of every quilt. It is therefor interesting to see on others' blogs some quilts that I did not notice, or just skimmed over.

There is much to drool over on these blogs:
My Quilt Diary
A Quilter By Night
Blossom Heart Quilts
Thread and Needle
Lynette Anderson

Thanks to all for sharing YOUR visit to the show with the rest of us.



  1. will pop over and as you say have a drool Queenie thanks

  2. Thank you for the links when it is coffee time I will go over and enjoy.

  3. Thanks for the links, I had a lovely time. I noticed there was a lot of hand embroidery on some of the quilts and was very impressed with the lady who stitched all that beaded Hedebo edge. (she used a knot in place of the bead.)

    1. There are so many details to look out for in a quilt. I had to go back to the links and check this edge. Yes, the taupe alphabet quilt is full of intricate details. Taupe quilts are usually embellished with candlewick, colonial knots and tufts of frayed tread.

  4. Thanks for adding the links. It is interesting to see what attracted other people and read their viewpoint.


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