Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday - Lace and embroidery

Yesterday I asked for help to identify some beautiful items I had picked up while in Sweden. Thank you for your interest and help. I now feel sure I should add them to my CQ block. However, for this week's progress report I will show you something else.

I have embellished a seam with some lace, which was a gift from a friend, Herringbone stitches in yellow, a few beads and a row of flower embroidery:

The flowers were made with the following stitches: Pistil, Straight and Lazy Daisy (double thread).

Look at what progress Sharon of Pintangle and the others have made.


  1. a lovely piece of lace and your stitches sit very well on it,

    I was given lots of snippets last month from a friend who used to make heirloom christening gowns, you have show me what to do with it, thanks

    1. Hi,
      One good thing about CQ is that you can use up all those snippets, odd buttons and short pieces of thread. Attractive recycling!

  2. How wonderful that your followers so quickly came to your help and identified those lovely Indian pieces. They will look great on a CQ and now you know you need have no worries about using them - I know what you mean though. I love the idea of adding embroidery to lace, it's so effective.

  3. I'm glad your items are identified. This is a lovely seam.

  4. Queenie one look at your flowers and I thought it was Knotted Buttonhole, which would probably work with a tail added.
    The seam is lovely and the complimentary colours also.


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