Wednesday, 12 September 2018

WIPW - Too much...

No there is not too much to report on Work In Progress Wednesday.

There has been too much other work to do, and too little energy and time in which to do it, so there is very little progress on

Crazy for Crazy
I have just added a sprinkling of sequins and beads. They are so few you can easily see them.
I am very disappointed I have not managed more, but just have to accept that life has been too hard recently. Sigh! 
See you next week, and I hope to have more to show then.


  1. Sometimes life gets away from us. You'll get back to it, reinvigorated, I'm sure!

  2. The colors of this one are so appealing! I hope you have less to do next week and can enjoy stitching more.

  3. Every stitch is progress. And it's looking beautiful.
    Take care.

  4. I LOVE this block. The colors sing! When you're finished can you post a naked and finished block so we can see how far the embellishment has taken the block?

  5. Don't be despondent, a sprinkling is better than nothing (I haven't posted for months!). Your latest patch is looking beautiful though and will still be waiting for you once life's other demands have lessened.

  6. I like your sprinkling of beads and sequins, adding sparkle.
    Good progress.
    Sometimes my schedule gets filled with chores and I'm busy with this
    and that with no time for projects. But in the back of my mind I'm planning
    and thinking of the next step on my projects.
    The time will come and you'll get back to stitching and do fabulous work as usual!

  7. It looks beautiful and rich - and slow progress is nevertheless progress. If there is too much other work to be done it is the energy which is also used up - it needs a lot of „empty“ space in mind and around yourself to get it back again.

  8. Every little bit is a step towards finishing it, still great to see.

  9. It looks gorgeous, Queenie!
    Barbara x

  10. Hope things ease up for you soon. Is Auntie care becoming more time consuming? Take care of yourself too!

  11. Oh sometimes there is just too much to do. Don't worry it will still be there for you to return to.


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