Tuesday, 21 June 2016

TASTy Tuesday - Second Helpings 36 - 42

The seven TAST (Take A Stitch Tuesday, check it out at Pintangle) stitches I worked this week contained some that are raised and take on a life of themselves. Some look messy!

 From the top:
36) Knotted Buttonhole Stitch
37) Beaded Hedebo Stitch (I had to look up how to make the loop)
38) Knotted Loop Stitch (I had forgotten both the name and the instructions)
39) Italian Border Stitch
40) Buttonhole Wheel Cup

As these cups took a long time to make, and the following two stitches would as well, I decided to work only 1/3 of each and place them in the same row.
41) Closed Base Woven Picot Stitch
42) Open Base Woven Picot Stitch

Untidy and unruly, NOT my favourites!
I hope I will enjoy my second helping of TAST stitches more next week.


  1. such a good reference you are building up here I think I would have had to look up how to stitch all of these

  2. Gorgeous! I love how he colors flow. Wonderful stitching!

  3. Beautiful stitches! Those woven picot stitches are challenging. I love your TAST sampler. (Now, I'm off to see if I catch up on one or two of them...)

  4. The untidy ones are not my favourites either, maybe they would look nicer in large groups like you often see with French knots.


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