Wednesday, 22 January 2014

WIPW - Full Force Ahead

Work In Progress Wednesday is a smart way to work towards completing those unfinished needlework projects. Sharon B of Pintangle, who is the initiator of this project and kindly lets us link back to her website to be able to follow each other's progress, has announced that WIPW will include other projects as well. To find out more head over to Pintangle.

I abstained from stitching while I recovered from my nasty cold, and felt I had a lot to catch up on. It has been Full Force Ahead!

I selected the coffee cup block and thought the floral pattern on the china should be reflected in the quilting stitch. So what would be a good ornamental stitch? I decided to bite the bullet and use a stitch that I have had problems with in the past; TAST #82 Spanish Feather Stitch

Swedish Cushion
Here, too, I felt like a 'daredevil' and challenged myself with TWO stitches, and ones that I had found troublesome in the past.
TAST #69 Buttonholed Double Chain Stitch,
I still found it tricky to do and as you can see it is not 'perfect'. The Buttonholed Double Chain is made up of two rows, well that is what double means, isn't it?!, but I tried to add a third and fourth stitch to fill in the bottom part of the design. Not so neat, but I'll let it pass.

 The second stitch was  #60 Diamond Stitch
It looks better in the narrow part of the design...
I have to accept that these two stitches are still a challenge.


  1. Your quilting with the spanish feather stitch is wonderful. I admire your buttonholed double chain stitch, I found this stitch very difficult.

  2. The Spanish feather stitch on your kafferepet quilt does indeed look complicated. It's worth the effort though as it really 'pushes' the cup & saucer forward. Your cushion is coming along beautifully too, and I love how the tendrils just seem to spiral and meander over the fabric.

  3. I am glad that you are now going at full steam again, your cushion is looking lovely, you have such a tallent for stitch combinations. The blue pattern on your cups looks very life like it has worked so well!

  4. Spanish knotted feather stitch looks beautiful on your quilt.It is one of my favorite stitches but I like to place the stitches slightly closer to get a ric-rac lace effect.Interesting choice of stitches for the leaves on your cushion.I like the way you've worked the buttonholed double chain and it's worked well.

  5. I love the Spanish Feather Stitch; it was also not one of my favourites. The other stitches look great too. Well done

  6. Indeed, full speed! Love your buttonholed double chain stitch leaves!

  7. Love the cup and saucer
    Very clever well done.

  8. I love these complicated stitches, you use them so effectively. I'm still being cowardly and sticking with my few basic stitches but I love your work so I'll give myself a "must try harder" for my embroidery and be brave….soon.

  9. I completely forgot about the Spanish feather stitch. It looks fantastic around the delicate teacup - and I love the word daredevil - the leaves are beautiful like that and it is good to practise. And I love that we are getting more stitches from Sharon.

  10. You have accomplished quite a lot! I look forward to seeing your progress each week.

  11. Wow! You've sure made up for lost time, Queenie. Great work!!
    Barbara M

  12. The Spanish feather stitch has come out very well. I like the way you have used buttonholed double chain and diamond stitches. They never came out neatly on my samplers. The colours and stitches combine to make beautiful piece. Actually it wouldn't have come to my mind to work them like this. Thanks for sharing yours.


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