Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The HINA Rabbit

Here is the tutorial for the HINA rabbit I promised yesterday.

First make a rough cardboard pattern like this for the body and ear.

I have used polyester chirimen which is nice and stretchy, but any fabric is OK.
Mark the seam lines. One body part should be mirror image.
Use pink or pattern fabric for the inside of the ears.
Cut out the pieces with a seam allowance.  

Stitch all sides except bottom with tight backstitches.

Notch out small triangles with scissors.

Press the seam allowance over the cardboard pattern.

Turn right side out and stuff the rabbit's body with wadding.

Then stitch up the belly. Turn and press the ears, they don't need wadding.

Stitch the bottom of the ears together then stitch them in place on body.

Mark the mouth and nose with a Fly stitch.
Make the eyes with red glass topped pins,  cut off most of the pin and fix with bond.
Insert strands of white cotton thread for the whiskers and 'starch' them with bond.
Leave to set and dry.

Have fun!


  1. thanks for the tutorial Queenie, he sure is a cute rabbit

  2. Hi Queenie, thanks so much for this tutorial : your rabbit is so cute and a very nice decoration.
    Have a nice day,

  3. adorable bunny! thank you for the tutorial :)

  4. Thanks for the tutorial and I see you have sewn it by hand. I find that material likes being sewn by hand far better than machine.

    1. If you know how to sew stretchy materials by machine, or if you steady the chirimen with a stabiliser, then sewing by machine is OK. However, I prefer making these small ornaments by hand; it is so much easier to control. The benefit is also to get that lovely feel of fabric in your hands. Chirimen is very 'touchable' fabric.

  5. This is a fun rabbit ;)
    Thank you for sharing this tutorial!


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