Sunday, 8 April 2018

Friday Revision Homework - Stitches 51 - 55

It is Sunday and I am presenting my Friday homework late.... well, never mind, here is my Sunbonnet Sue Stitch Sampler for Sunday Stitch School's stitches 51 - 55

51 Tent Stitch
52 Underside Couching
53 Sword Edging Stitch
54 Tramming
55 Tailor's Buttonhole Stitch (two versions, Reader's Digest and Yorkshire Tailor's)

Sue is busy with spring cleaning, so busy her house dress is coloured in with crayon rubbed over a molding mat and not embroidered.


  1. She is nice. That crayon print looks good. U gave me an idea to fill the empty backgrounds in the embroidery. Thanks.

    1. Using crayon and a hot iron is a great way to 'dye' fabric!. Put something with relief pattern underneath and you get a pattern, too.

  2. Oh, very well done! Sue is fresh and dainty and very capable-looking!

    1. She is in the mood for spring cleaning! Need a char?

  3. Great use of stitches, I like the gloves.

  4. Replies
    1. I think she looks very capable! She can come to my house and do some cleaning any time!

  5. Such a classy cleaning lady. Your clever use of the stitches appeals to me


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