Monday, 11 January 2016

Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival

The 15th Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival will be held between 21st and 27th January, 2016, as usual at Tokyo Dome.

According to the official poster the show will feature William Morris, Peter Rabbit, Log Cabins among other things as well as the Partnership Quilt project. The theme this time is MUSIC and if you remember I made this block of a Swedish Key Harp.
I hope to be able to visit the show and see my block worked into quilt number 12.

Check out the official website where you can read a lot more about the show.


  1. What a show that will be! And your block will be in a quilt! Have a wonderful time, if you get to go and share a few photos please.

  2. Shame I cannot hop on a plane but I know you will share some photos with us, your harp block looks so good and will add to the quilt that it goes in

  3. I keep saying I am going to get to that show but never seem to. Enjoy it for me.

  4. I wish you and your friends a lovely quilting show.
    Wish you a nice weekend
    Ulla in the nort of Sweden

  5. Really looking forward to your photos and reporting!

  6. looking forward o your review and photos of this quilt show. Enjoy!

  7. I'm planning to go on Saturday, probably getting there around noon. A friend called me last night about attending and I suddenly was aching to go!

  8. I hope that you will be able to visit the show and send us lots of lovely quilt pictures!

  9. Hello Carin,
    thank you for a story about Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival!
    Do you know how I can take part in the Festival? I can't find information about this.

    1. Hi!
      You will have to keep an eye on this website:
      I don't know when they will post the rules and application forms for entry to the contest for 2017, maybe some time in early summer.
      For the Partnership quilt project, read what I wrote here:
      BUT the size is changed to 15x15 cm, the deadline is 31st July 2016 and the theme is GARDENING.
      I will write more about this later in the year.

    2. Thank you ever so much!!!


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