Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Work In Progress Wednesday - Sloppier than Sloppy

I have not been able to spend much time,  and even less focus, on my needlework recently. This report shows that most of my work is very sloppy.

Pile 'em On
I have only worked on the canvas stitches:
 This is an overview picture of the eight stitches I've added since last report (starting with the fourth from the top right).
 Renaissance Stitch (gray and pink), Milanese Stitch (variegated)
 Linen Stitch (blue), Plait Stitch (pink)
 Long-Armed Stitch (gray), Greek Stitch (wine pink)
Knotted Stitch (pink) which is spaced wrongly and not worked in individual rows!, Double Stitch (gray) still in progress.

Extra! A Birthday Card
I made a birthday card with a stumpwork portrait.
With this portrait I took a bit of care, but only used items from my stash. The turtle neck jumper is made from nylon 'mesh craft' material, i.e. the same as tights (panty hose) are made from. The silvery treads add a bit of sparkle.

My time at the computer is very limited, so please excuse me if I won't be able to answer any comments.


  1. good to see you back at you blog Queenie, have been concerned for you and the family. Your stitching might be taking a back seat but what you have done is very good and the birthday card is pretty amazing, the hair especially looks so life like.

  2. Sorry you haven't had more time for yourself. Wish I could come and give you a break.

  3. vow, the stumpwork is nice. you've worked on so many stitches. I've also started a needlepoint sampler in canvas.

  4. Tour birthday card si beautiful and it's a pleasure to discover these new stitches on your Pile' em On.

  5. I love your portraits! The hair looks real.

  6. just saying Hi! the work, though you think it is sloppy is still lovely to see, and the stumpwork card is beautiful! xoxox

  7. I cannot spot any sloppy stitches! Good to see your new needlepoint stitches, I like the woven look of the linnen stitch very much. Beautiful stumpwork lady! Thanks for making time to share your progress with us.

  8. Your stumpwork lady is fabulous!

  9. Queenie!! I have missed hearing from you! Your work is just as enjoyable as ever, thanks for sharing. Hope to see more.

  10. I love the birthday card! :-)

  11. I love your canvas work! (I would not know there was a problem with the knotted stitch without you saying so. It looks like fun addition!) And your stumpwork card...WOW. That is SO much fun. Canvas work, pulled work and stumpwork are all on my mental list of things I hope to try some day.

  12. Your work is as always looking good.

  13. The needlepoint variations are lovely Queenie. I can't see sloppiness at all.
    As usual your stumpwork lady is gorgeous.

    I hope things ease down for you to a more relaxing level.

  14. What a wonderful portrait. Happy receiver of this birthday card. Good stitching work - so interesting.

  15. A lovely portrait, the hair is very realistic. your stitching looks good no sloppiness that I can see.

  16. Hi Queenie I am catching up on my blog reading and wanted to say I like your so called sloppy stitches!


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