Friday, 16 August 2013

Festival of Quilts - More pictures

Here are some more pictures from the Festival of Quilts:
Let's start with some beautiful stars.

'Stardust', by Helen Brookham and Sandy Chandler

'Little Stars', by Jean Ball

Many quilts had structure.
Here is 'Fire and Ice', by Frieda Oxenham

'Book at Bedtime', by Kate Crossley

Some quilts had beautiful pictures:
'Gather Ye Rosebuds', by Jeanette Orr
 (Iconagraphy #7) Rags to Riches, by Luke Haynes
The winner of the Group Quilt was a clever pictorial piece:
'Un Elemento, Dos Estaciones', by DE12 A2 from Spain

I hope you have enjoyed some 'eye candy'.
If you find any mistakes in my information, please let me know.


  1. Replies
    1. Some great quilts there, wouldn't you say?

  2. It seems there was quite a variety of work at that show. How great you got to see Lis.

    1. As we stayed in the same hotel we had several meals together, apart from meeting up in front of quilts. She has taken very different photos of mine so do look at both our blogs to get a fuller extent of the show. There were indeed quilts of all kinds.

  3. They're all great, but my favourite has to be fire and ice–such beautiful colours and stitching. I went to the Festival of Quilts last year, it was amazing, if a little overwhelming!

    1. That quilt was so 'furry' you really wanted to touch it.
      The show was run by other people this year and slightly different. My impression was that there were fewer quilts and visitors.

  4. More lovely quilts, the quilt with the books looks very intriguing.

    1. It reminded me of some of the books that I saw at the Harry Potter Studio Tour. For the films they had made a number of stunning books and publications.

      In the quilt catalogue the maker states: I so often get 'wrapped up' in a book that I wanted to make a quilt that was already 'wrapped up' in books.

  5. I love the little stars Queenie, am I right it thinking it was fussy cut? I think I am learning!You mention Lis`s blog, please can I have the address so i can have a look there too. Sorry still not loaded any of my photos.

    1. Yes, Margaret, the stars have been fuzzy cut. It makes such a fantastic range of patterns from one piece of fabric, and each star becomes a 'star', ha, ha.
      Lis blogs at Piece 'n Peace:

  6. Great photo's thank you for sharing.

  7. You have taken some nice pictures of the quilts, I like the rosebud one and the quilt of the man is fantastic, how have they got such detail?


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