Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Knotted Cretan Stitch

A new week and a new TAST stitch. It is the Knotted Cretan Stitch, of course a version of the Cretan stitch. I have not seen or used this before so I  eagerly took a few cautious stitches, using a yellow variegated thread:


  1. This will be much easier for me to keep up with your lovely stitches you will now come into my reading list as soon as you post.

  2. is this a sampler? is the heart made up of buttonhole and chain?

  3. I like your stitches. I like your new Blog too and am now following

  4. This came out great, Queenie, much better than mine. I really struggled with this one! Thanks for your comment on my butterfly stitches. Good luck with the new blog format.

  5. I am glad you have come to join us.It will be so easy to keep up with you now.


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