Wednesday, 29 July 2015

WIPW - A Bit of Pink

It's time for Work In Progress Wednesday; how quickly the Wednesdays pop up!
I've only made a little progress since last week.

Fruity Cushion
I've worked the spiky triangles at the top and bottom of the fruit, and also started on a bit of pink.


Tomorrow, July 30th, is World Embroidery Day. Don't forget to thread your needle and enjoy a few stitches. If you have the chance, go public and stitch in the park, at the bus stop, in the café or somewhere else where you will be seen and given the opportunity to promote embroidery.
As for myself, I'll be housebound and the only person who will see me embroider has weak eyesight and a short memory, so no chance for me to spread the joy of stitching to strangers. I will blog on my work, though!

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

WIPW - AC to the Rescue

It has been another week of sweltering heat in Tokyo, but the air conditioning system has come to the rescue. I have actually been able to find pockets of 'cool' time to work on the cushion.

Fruity Cushion

Spending time on the computer is very limited, so still no chance to visit blogs or answer comments. Sorry!

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

WIPW - Too Hot to Stitch

May I begin with a big THANK YOU for all the kind comments on my last post, and please accept my apologies for not having answered your comments, or visited your blogs.

It was my intention to have completed the Fruity Cushion by now, to have added a lot more canvas stitches to my Pile 'em On, to have finished the Music block for NHK's Partnership Quilt project and to have started a new piece of clothing with Swedish wool embroidery.

Alas, my days are filled with million other things, so the WIPW report this week is another  meagre one.

Pile 'em On

The newly added canvas stitches are:
Double Cross Stich in light blue, and a half finished block of Reversed Cross Stitch in light green. Another coloured thread will be worked on top of these stitches to complete them.

Fruity Cushion
Here I have added new stitches to a number of areas.

It is H O T in Tokyo and hard to stitch. I don't know when my next WIP report will be...

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Work In Progress Wednesday - Sloppier than Sloppy

I have not been able to spend much time,  and even less focus, on my needlework recently. This report shows that most of my work is very sloppy.

Pile 'em On
I have only worked on the canvas stitches:
 This is an overview picture of the eight stitches I've added since last report (starting with the fourth from the top right).
 Renaissance Stitch (gray and pink), Milanese Stitch (variegated)
 Linen Stitch (blue), Plait Stitch (pink)
 Long-Armed Stitch (gray), Greek Stitch (wine pink)
Knotted Stitch (pink) which is spaced wrongly and not worked in individual rows!, Double Stitch (gray) still in progress.

Extra! A Birthday Card
I made a birthday card with a stumpwork portrait.
With this portrait I took a bit of care, but only used items from my stash. The turtle neck jumper is made from nylon 'mesh craft' material, i.e. the same as tights (panty hose) are made from. The silvery treads add a bit of sparkle.

My time at the computer is very limited, so please excuse me if I won't be able to answer any comments.