Friday, 18 January 2019

Friday Revision Homework - Stitches 81 - 85

Better late than never!
At last here is the revision homework for Sunday Stitch School's stitches no 81 to 85.

I decided to use a traditional Sunbonnet Sue design this time.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

WIPW - Cathedral Bosses

Work In Progress Wednesday today shows a new feature of church architecture.

In a high vaulted cathedral ceiling the spot where the arches joins, there is often an ornamental 'button' - a boss.

On my bag made out of

Cathedral Windows
the joints are covered with 'bosses' to hide the frayed and raw edges that peeked out of the joints.
I used small plastic cupped discs, covered them with blue batik and then couched some black thread around them.
Now the joints are secure.

Furthermore I have joined the back of the bag to the front + side sections,  and started adding turquoise 'glass' inserts.
I have added two, twelve to go.

Crazy for Crazy
Not much has happened here but, I added beads to the Stem stitched stems and a row of floral shaped sequins.

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Sunday Stitch School - Revision: Stitches 81 - 85

We have completed another set of five stitches and it is time for a revision.
Click on the headlines to read about and learn each stitch.

81 Reversed Fly Stitch
Easy. Two Fly Stitches are stitched together, either entwined or just touching.

82 Bokhara Couching
A filling stitch that can be neat and even, or free form, depending on the fabric you stitch on.

83 Mennonite Tack Stitch
A quilting stitch used for frugal, quick and utilitarian quilting.

84 Star Darn Stitch
Much easier than it looks. Perfect for Christmas ornaments.

85 Wrapped Cross Stitch
NOT a favorite stitch of mine, but quite plump and outstanding.

Use these five stitches to make a Sunbonnet Sue Sampler picture.
This time I are sticking to the traditional style with a young and chubby Sue.

Friday, 11 January 2019

Friday Homework for Lesson 85: Wrapped Cross Stitch

When I saw this stitch in Mary Thomas's Dictionary of Embroidery Stitches I thought it would be a nice one.
Ha! I was wrong!
I felt it was very tedious after having made a few.
As the basic Cross Stitch is just wrapped you have to control the working thread all the time.
I know I much prefer any buttonholed stitch as the knot controls the thread.

Well these are my Wrapped (and Wonky) Crosses:

Aida Sampler

Sunday Stitch School Reference Chart

Teal Wool Tailoring Scribble Cloth

As you can see, the more crosses I wrapped the sloppier the work got. A sure sign of boredom and nonchalance!

I hope anyone who tried this stitch liked it better than I did!