Monday, 15 September 2014

TAST #129 Lock Stitch

Take A Stitch Tuesday, TAST #129 is called Lock Stitch. It is easy to stitch, but hard to make it look even! Does that make it a difficult stitch, I wonder?

 First I worked it on my Aida sampler. I used stranded floss, the pale pink is stranded linen.

Here I used Perle #5. I think the fibres in the thread got a better grip, but I am still not pleased with the tension.

As always Sharon's examples in the instructions are MUCH neater. Go to Pintangle and learn, and do a better job than I did!

Saturday, 13 September 2014

A birthday card made from orts

I made a very simple embroidery for a birthday card for my aunt.
It was an effective way of using up the stray lengths of perle 8 and the left over beads from my travel projects.

I don't know about you, but I find it hard to judge how much thread I'll be needing for a seam. Often I am left with a length that is too short to use, and too long to throw away, if you see what I mean. Such snippets of thread, or (long) orts,  are just right for a Lazy Daisy chain stitch flower.

From now on I will collect my stray ends in a jar and eventually make an orts embroidery.
What do you do with your left over thread?

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

WIPW - 1946 1955 2014

Work In Progress Wednesday is a support programme to encourage you to work on, and eventually finish, your various needlework projects. To join in, first read all about it at Pintangle. You are in for a hussif treat!

Swedish Cushion
I have reached the stage where some initials and a date should be added. I have a few vintage books in Swedish where I found some nice designs.
 I used a cross stitch pattern from the small book, which was published in 1955, to stitch 'TAST' in capital letters. Waste canvas was a great help.

I selected a font from the blue book, of 1946, for my own initials and the year 2014.
You will have to wait to see the result until next week.

 Swedish Wool Embroidery Collar
The weed of last week went to seed and those spread to make new weed flourish on the rest of the collar.

The fibres of the wool yarn add a lot of charm.

TAST Reference Chart
I stitched Interlaced Up and Down Buttonhole in square #128:

This quilt is out of its summer hibernation and is getting an airing. Stitching starts soon.

Monday, 8 September 2014

TAST #128 Interlaced Up and Down Buttonhole stitch

Wow! This is a fantastic stitch! It is easy to do, looks stunning both in its simple version and when worked in uneven lengths or in a variegated thread.

What am I talking about? Well, TAST #128 Interlaced Up and Down Buttonhole stitch, of course!

 Here on Aida fabric. By lacing the two rows of stitches you get those neat diamonds.
I love the contrast between the short stitches on the first row and the longer, uneven ones on the second row.

Do you feel tempted to try? Why not go to Pintangle and let Sharon teach you.