Sunday, 25 February 2018

Sunday Stitch School - Lesson 52: Underside Couching

Welcome to an evening lesson at Sunday Stitch School where we will be learning another ancient way of using precious thread in a thrifty way.

Underside Couching was used to embellish the surface of fabric, while saving both the thread and fabric from wear and making the most of the expensive gold or silver thread.

I found the instructions in A-Z of Embroidery Stitches 2 to be clear with good pictures.

Still I wanted to add my own pictures where I have couched down a brown thread with a yellow one on a piece of Aida.

 Working from underneath, take the yellow thread out and into the same hole over the brown thread until you have a 'lasso'.

 Give the 'lasso' a bit of a tug until a bit of the brown thread enters the back.

continue in the same way.

Here you can see the Underside Couching on the back of the fabric.

Ha, that was more difficult than I first thought!
Here is perfect proof that Aida is not the best fabric to do the couching, and that the two threads should match in colour!
Lesson learned? Prove it by doing your homework properly!

The homework will be to:
Add a couple of rows on the SSS Aida sampler (be careful!)
Add Underside Couching to the SSS Reference Chart
Fill in a shape on the orange piece of fabric.

Saturday, 24 February 2018

HINA 2018

March 3rd is approaching fast - it is high time I made some HINA ornaments for my mobile of hanging dolls.
If you have not heard of HINA before, read this.

Once again I made three new ornaments.

The monkey is a symbol of safety

You can learn how to make one from the pictures of this website.

I made a heart. This is not a traditional design, but to me it would symbolize the wish that one's daughter grows up to be a loving person.

I also made an empress dressed in several layers of kimono. Underneath the fabric is a clam shell.

I made it like this:
First I covered one shell with chirimen silk (crepe silk).

Like this.

Then I glued some white chirimen over the pointed tip of the other shell,  for the face.

The collar of the first kimono.

The second and third layers.

Over the forth (yellow) layer I dressed the clam shell with the right side of the outer kimono

and then the left side.

I then turned in the excess chirimen silk and stitch the two clam shells together, and drew the face.

Friday, 23 February 2018

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

WIPW - Buttons

Work In Progress Wednesday - I've got two reports:

Greeting Cards
I made two simple greeting cards.
One with buttons

and the other with silk thread

Crazy for Crazy

I added a plain button in a corner, and anchored it with Woven Picots. It is surrounded with Colonial Knots.

I made a spray of flowers with stems of Thorns Stitch and floral sequins, seed and bugle beads for the flowers.
 In another corner I fixed a heart of felt with Whipped Buttonhole Stitch and three Rambling Roses.

 More work next week.