Wednesday, 20 May 2015

WIPW - What is terry cloth thread?

Work In Progress Wednesday.

Last week a small piece of terry cloth thread was featured in the circle of Pile 'em On. Some readers asked about it, so here is a picture.
It is too thick to force though the fabric so it is mainly suited for couching or weaving.

Pile 'em On
For the circle I tried my hand at weaving with the terry cloth thread.
 A slip of paper underneath prevents the needle snagging other threads.

The result is not impressive; the weaving feature is not noticable, but it adds a soft 'bump'.

I worked the last flame of pulled work with Four Sided Stitch.
Some more canvas work:
Left: Gobelin stitch
Middle: Wide Gobelin stitch
Right: Straight Gobelin stitch

Fruity Cushion
It was time to start using other stitches, like Surface Satin stitch and French Knots.

I'm rather pleased with the progress... but there will probably be very little to show next week. I might not even have time to read blogs or answer comments. Sorry!

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

WIPW - More Couching

I've had little time for stitching this past week. My Work In Progress Wednesday report is short:

Pile 'em On
A short string of 'terry cloth yarn' was added to the circle (along the border, it's light blue).
A tiny section of a flame was decorated with pulled work in free style stem stitch.
 For the canvas work I made two new blocks
Mosaic stitch (far right)
Fancy Brick stitch (second from right)

Fruity Cushion
The couching is almost completed. I will soon start adding other stitches.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

WIPW - Couching

A week passes so quickly and here is my Work In Progress Wednesday report.

Pile 'em On

I made more Buttonhole rings, but this time they are joined. Look to see the result and how I made them.

To fill in another flame I worked Gobelin Filling Stitch
They are not really 'pulled stitches' but look good anyway next to the free form Cretan stitches.

For my training with Canvas stitches I made three new ones:
From left:
Straight Cashmere stitch
Diagonal stitch
Jacquard stitch

Fruity Cushion

Two strands of purple linen tread were couched down.

I wish you all a wonderful stitchy week.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

WIPW - A New Project!

This week's Work In Progress Wednesday (WIPW) features the start of a new project! First, however, let's have a look at the ongoing

Pile 'em On
I added rough Cretan stitches for my pulled work.
Then made Buttonholed Rings for the circle.
This is how I made them:

For my Canvas work I selected three stitches:
Tent (bottom left)
Cashmere (top left)
Moorish (top right)
The light grey Coton a Broder is too thin for this gauge of the fabric...

New!  Fruity Cushion
I was recently given this wonderful book
published by Hemslöjdens Förlag, and featuring Swedish embroideries from 1950's and -60's.
Among them is the pattern for a cushion called Röd Frukt (Red Fruit) designed by Ingrid Franzén-Weiss in 1955.
I thought it was time for some embroidery with linen thread,
 so picked these from my stash.
Then promptly marked the design, mounted the fabric on a frame and got started.
Watch this space!