Sunday, 19 August 2018

Sunday Stitch School - Lesson 71: Twisted Fly Stitch

Welcome to an evening class at Sunday Stitch School. Sorry to be late, and sorry this will be a short lesson.

You know the Fly Stitch:
 The thread goes UNDER the needle.

Today's stitch is the twisted version, which actually is a Detached Twisted Chain Stitch (#56) with a LONG LEG. I found it in Embroidery Stitches A-Z 1.

 The thread goes OVER and UNDER the needle.

Work a cluster of French Knots or some Bullion Knots in the cup and you have a nice flower!

Homework for Friday:
SSS Reference Chart
Aida Sampler
Free form

Mattia suggested these two names in French:
point de mouche torsadé   or
point de plume torsadé

Friday, 17 August 2018

Friday Revision Homework: Stitches 66 - 70

This is what I wrote in my SSS revision lesson last Friday:
Well, homework is set for every Japanese child during the summer holiday, so why not join them. Sunbonnet Sue is taking part in her own way, have a look on Friday.

It is now Friday and we can have a look. 

Sue is a university student and has got a summer job helping these poor Japanese kids with their homework, and teaching them Botany. 
On the whiteboard we can see an illustration of the Russian perennial Point Russe (Consuo Ruthenia) with its elliptic or Fishbone shaped leaves (os piscis).
Sue can't be teaching in Japanese, it must be in some kind of strange language, Scottish Cretan, maybe, which I can't read, or is it just her scrawny handwriting? 
To gain respect she is dressing well above her age, in a dowdy Point Russe blouse, frumpy Berwick skirt, the belt and sensible flat shoes are of Scottish Cretan brand.
As she is teaching indoors, (it's too hot and humid to have a lesson outdoors) she has removed her sunbonnet to show off her coiffure. She has parted her hair in the Fishbone style and hitched up her ponytail in the Puffy Couching way.

(Even the green bow is made up of the Fishbone Stitch)

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

WIPW - Tossing the Salad

Work In Progress Wednesday.

Crazy for Crazy
I have been tossing in more ingredients into the Watermelon and Olive salad.

 Do you remember this ribbon from my stash photograph?
 It had the right colours, but I didn't like the stripes, so what to do?
Twist it, pin it, press it, and stitch it down!

I wanted some floral design and used the following stitches: Feather, Bullion Knot and Buttonholed Detached Chain (Lazy Daisy).

This is what the block looks at the moment:

Hopefully more progress next week.

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Sunday Stitch School - Revision: Stitches 66 - 70

After a week's holiday from blogging, here is the revision of the most recent five stitches of Sunday Stitch School.

To see the instructions and read previous blog posts, click on the heading for each stitch.

66 Berwick Stitch
It looks like Buttonhole Stitch with a knot on the base line, doesn't it? Why not try it out?

67 Fishbone Stitch
This is flatter than the Raised Fishbone Stitch (#61) and is worked from top to bottom. It is a great stitch for leaves.

68 Scottish Cretan Stitch
Make three Cretan stitches in a row, string them up and make another. Great fun and fantastic results. This stitch is easy, but looks complicated.

69 Point Russe Stitch
This is a great base stitch on which you can add a lot of other stitches, or use for needle weaving. It is really worth trying it out and let your creativity inspire you.

70 Puffy Couching
There are several ways to couch down a thread, ribbon or string. For thin fluffy yarn, this method makes a nice bubbly line.

Well, homework is set for every Japanese child during the summer holiday, so why not join them. Sunbonnet Sue is taking part in her own way, have a look on Friday.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

WIPW - Chopping Up an Olive and Watermelon Salad

Work In Progress Wednesday has been slow as the temperature and humidity levels are high. Anyway, for

Crazy for Crazy

I have begun to make an olive and watermelon salad. No feta cheese yet, if ever I put any in.

The lace was dyed, the fabric cut and pieced and the first embroidery begun.

Birthday Card

I made a simple birthday card with the leftover silk (seen underneath the pink lace, in the picture above).

Stem, Fishbone, Detached Chain and Straight stitches in all simplicity.

Friday, 3 August 2018

Friday Homework for Lesson 70: Puffy Couching

The heat makes it hard to come up with any fancy designs so I just did my homework straight up:

Sunday Stitch School Reference Chart:

Aida Sampler:

Teal Wool Tailoring Scribble Cloth:

Next Sunday will be a holiday, so no Revision of Stitches, nor any planning of Sunbonnet Sue.
Next week will therefore have no Friday Revision Homework, either.
Let's have a summer break!

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

WIPW - Chives for Birthday

Work In Progress Wednesday includes some work in the kitchen garden. I went out to cut some chives for a

Birthday Card
which I then framed.

This is a semi stumpwork picture.

It is worked in Stem Stitch, Detached Chain Stitch, Straight Stitch, Needle Woven Picots and Single Corded Brussels Stitch.
I followed the directions in Sachiko Morimoto's book
but found it hard to shape the Needle Woven Picots into triangular shape (the base should be wider than the tip) with only two strands of floss.  Did I pull too hard? I also found that it was hard to keep even tension on the two strands so the purple petals look lumpy.
I will love to make another of the flowers in the book, but should I stay away from any with needle weaving?

Crazy for Crazy

This is the colour choice for the next octagon block.
What shall we call this block, green olives with watermelon?
Since taking the picture I have dyed the two pieces of lace, the dye is still wet so I do not know if the colours will be suitable.
The plastic ring will turn into a Dorset Button tonight.

World Embroidery Day
initiated by the Embroiderers' Guild in Sweden was held July 30th, as usual, but I was tied up with other things (repairing sunshades/awnings)!!! so I have nothing to show for this most important day to promote embroidery. Life got in the way, as they say. Sigh!