Wednesday, 8 March 2017

WIPW - Museum print

Work In Progress Wednesday

This week there is only some progress on

Trinity Green
I made 10 more paper strips (270 triangles) and have a total of 8.478.

Fabric in Focus
Here is a print reproduced from an original 18th century print, kept at the Nordiska museet in Stockholm. It is called Nejlikerand and can be bought from Jobs Handtryck.

Thank you, Åsa!


  1. Replies
    1. There's a bit more to go before I hit 9.000.

  2. I keep thinking about having to sew all this together. It gives me a sinking feeling eveh though it looks fantastic.

    1. The pieces are already sewn together into strips (snakes) and there are 38 or them. I am now adding a 'tail' on each snake to make the quilt long enough to hang over the end of the bed. Then I will stitch those 38 snakes together and that won't take a long time. Don't sink!

  3. It was a lot easier for you to write....

    I made 10 more paper strips (270 triangles)..
    than it would have been to create those strips. Very well done Queenie.

    The fabric patterns are so different yet work so well together. Love the Swedish one.

    1. Yes, these small triangles take time to cut and stitch together, but I am almost there and the 38 strips (snakes) can go together.
      I was lucky to get the reproduction fabric from my friend the quilt historian Åsa.

  4. Replies
    1. Yes, although there is not a lot of green and some cuts are more white than green.

  5. I like that top photo with the green fabrics and the threads sticking up.
    The reproduction fabric is a wonderful find, how fun!

    1. I have taken so many photos of these strips I need to change the angle all the time. It is spring and why not let the threads sprout out of the fabric 'soil'?!


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