Wednesday, 7 September 2016


There is Very Little Work In Progress Wednesday to report. The reasons? A forgotten birthday, a visit to the hospital and then a wake to attend.

Trinity Green
I started cutting new triangles.
I did not, however, have the time to stitch any of them. The total number of sewn triangles on the paper strips for the Trinity Green quilt thus remains at 4.401.

Fabric in Focus

Why is it that we love floral prints so much? I have shown some of these prints before, but you will notice that seen together there are many different shades of green, various styles and different scale, and the impact of the addition of colour.
The fantastic print in the left foreground with both tiny leaves and larger spotted leaves and grey-green flowers is a print I was given by Julie of My Quilt Diary. As soon as I saw it, it just popped up and begged me to be added to Trinity Green. Julie kindly said Yes. Thanks, Julie.

H C Quilt
I am beginning to run out of time and have worked hard to make the cherry trees, which to me looks more like plum trees!, blossom.
French Knot and Colonial Knot Stitches
 I also quilted some lines for the greenery in the foreground.

A Birthday Card
Birthdays at the beginning of the month are so easy to forget. On September 1 I turned the page of the calendar and saw that there in the beginning of the month was a birthday I should have prepared for weeks earlier.
It was a rush to stitch up this card and have it in the post before the last collection. Letter boxes are emptied four times a day on weekdays, and two or three times at weekends, here in Tokyo. It is a blessing, especially for the forgetful Queenie! Viva Japan Post!

I tried to add several TAST stitches: Stem, Fly, Feather, Chain, Cretan, Detached Chain, French Knot, Whipped Running and two coloured Berry, for which I got the idea from KippysSoMature. Blogging is a blessing, too! 


Lis Harwood said...

You seem to have a lot of beautiful work to share even though you've been busy with non-stitching things. Love the blossom, whether it's plum or cherry!

Pamela said...

I love your cherry trees! The birthday card is a treasure.

Queeniepatch said...

I was busy busy outside the house and unlike Julie I can not stitch on the commuter train or at a meeting (or wake!!!)
I think I will say they are plum trees!

Queeniepatch said...

The birthday card is a tiny sampler of TAST sttiches. It was fun to try to squeeze in as many as possible.

Julie Fukuda said...

You are doing better than I am. I can't remember where most of my fabric came from. If you run out, I have found some other light greens. Probably stitching at a wake would not be well received. It is nice to see a cherry in bloom this late in the year. Keep up the good work.

Linda Calverley said...

I love French knots so it doesn't matter to me if they are cherry or plum. The flower on the card reminds me of a ballet dancer.

Janie said...

Beautiful work and color, Queenie, always love watching your work progress.

crazyQstitcher said...

The Trinity triangles are like a natural landscape where so many shades of green blend and yet point out the differences.
Love the blossom tree and wall. Someone will be very happy to own the TAST birthday card. The stitches look great together.

Queeniepatch said...

I, too, often think of nature when I look at the various green traiangles. I have also noticed that the same shade will look so different, lighter, brighter or duller, next to a green with a different value.
Flowers are fun to build with TAST stitches.

Queeniepatch said...

I once saw a blossoming cherry tree in Kamakura, in November. It felt both weird and delightful. Now the trees are in full bloom and I will move on to the sky and the clouds.

Queeniepatch said...

You don't need to concentrate much when you add French or Colonial knots to an open surface so it is relaxing and meditative work. My fingers and hands might not agree, though!
Yes, the flower is a ballerina on stage!

Queeniepatch said...

Thank you, Janie. How is your trip? Have you any time for sewing? I'll have to head over to your blog and check!

carorose said...

The cherry trees are just delightful and despite all you have to do there seems to have been a lot of progress.

Chitra Gangadharan said...

You do seem to have made good progress along with your other activities. I am fond of floral designs too. when I was looking at handloom fabrics in India, the greens reminded me of your trinity green. the cherry blossoms look gorgeous! that's a beautiful card.

Queeniepatch said...

I know how busy YOU are and still you can make progress on many projects.

Queeniepatch said...

It was fun to make the flowers on the tree with only knot stitches. Now the HC quilt is completed!