Tuesday, 6 September 2016

TASTy Tuesday - Second Helpings 99 -105

What TASTy food would be light blue, turquoise and purple? It must be something artificially coloured and flavoured, children's sweets, bubble gum or plumb jam and mint icecream, or what do you think?

A portion of seven stitches, from the top:
99) Eastern Stitch
100) Beaded Eastern Stitch
101) Triangular Buttonhole Stitch
102) Beaded Triangular Buttonhole Stitch
103) Beaded Butterfly Chain Stitch
104) Buttonholed Cable Chain Stitch (on the right)
105) Alternating Buttonholed Cable Chain Stitch (on the left)

The cool colours are cooling me down in the sweltering heat of Tokyo.


  1. All appealing. Your Beaded Triangular Buttonholing is very neat. Not all beads sit so well.
    The sampler is an ever growing, amazing piece of needlework and patience. I hope you leave room for your name and date when finished.

    Good choice of colour, especially if it makes you feel cool.

  2. Looks great. The colors in this project are so pretty.

  3. Lovely stitching. Blue food often seems dodgy, a contestant on the GBBO iced a cake in blue two weeks ago, very unappealing!

  4. I'm drawn to the beaded triangular buttonhole stitch too.

  5. This is a lovely piece, the stitching and the colours.

  6. All very pretty! I like the colour and your stitching of the beaded butterfly chain stitch, and the alternating buttonholed cable chain stitch especially!

  7. Your stitching is beautiful, the grading of the colours is wonderful.

  8. Anything cool ... even if it only looks that way ... is a welcome change in this heat!


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