Tuesday, 27 September 2016

TASTy Tuesday Second Helpings 117 - 122

Now that the TAST stitches are grouped in three each I will make six stitches per week, instead of seven - it gives me a day off once a week, and will slow down the progress!

117) Bullion Vandyke Stitch
118) Beaded Buttonhole Stitch
119) Woven Trellis Stitch

120) Double Herringbone Stitch
121) Twisted Lattice Band Stitch
122) Chained Bar Stitch


  1. These are great! Perfect colors for the stitches.

  2. so admire how yu have continued with this sampler of stitches it will become such a useful reference and you will never be short of a stitch to find when working on a project

  3. This sampler is growing marvellously - your persistence is admirable.

  4. Great. There are a couple there I don't think I've tried stitching.

  5. Very neat and pretty stitches. I especially like the last three, and those gorgeous blue colours. I know where to look for inspiration for my stitching in future!
    Barbara x

  6. More beautiful stitches. My favourite today is the Woven Trellis- the colour is lovely too.
    I have already found that having real examples of stitches, as you've made,is far better than photos when choosing one for a particular project.
    Will this be framed?

  7. Your thread choices are lovely! Beautiful stitching. This is such a wonderful sampler.


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