Tuesday, 19 July 2016

TASTy Tuesday - Second Helpings 57 - 63

In spite of the opressive heat I have had a second helping of every stitch served.

From top:
57) Sailors Edge Stitch
58) Woven Detached Chain Stitch
59) Breton Stitch (had to look up both name and instructions)
60) Diamond Stitch (had to look up both name and instructions)
61) Up and Down Feathered Buttonhole Stitch
62) Raised Cross Stitch Flower
63) Scroll Stitch (had to look up both name and instructions)

I hope to have the appetite for seven helpings next week, too.


  1. This is gorgeous. I love how the individual stitches flow from one to the next to make this rainbow.

  2. a wonderful reference you have here I am impressed that you can recall how to do most of thee stitches without looking them up

  3. Like
    Topsy this piece keeps growing and beautifully I must say.

  4. Somebody must have had to miss a lot of sleep while coming up with all that variety ... and then putting names on them all.

  5. My favourites are 61 and 62. It's been really hot here today but probably not as hot as there.

  6. They're all my favorite. Beautifully done, Queenie.
    I hope you find some relief from the heat. On real hot days
    I splash my face with cold water and put my hands in cold water, it helps a little.

    1. I like them all, too, but the Woven Detached Chain Stitch should not be done with stranded floss on Aida.
      Cold water spashed on the face and hands is a nice relief from the heat. Also it washed off the sweat so the pores can breathe again. The clogged up sweat glands make you feel like a steam engine without a vent.

    2. Gee, I wonder what you would have done if the weather was cooler. This is outstandingly neat, visually pleasing and a wonderful record to keep and display.

      I like Pamela's comment.


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