Tuesday, 14 June 2016

TASTY Tuesday - Second Helpings 29 - 35

First I had to redo the strange looking Oyster stitches of last week.
Then I worked the next seven TAST stitches:
It was a pinch to complete the last row of stitches and I took the picture when there was still daylight with the stitches only half done. I had filled the row by midnight and kept my 'a stitch a day' target.

From the top:
28) Oyster Stitch, which I redid, and now are correctly made.
29) Algerian Eye Stitch
30) Cast On Stitch
31) Pekinese Stitch
32) Linked Double Chain Stitch (I had to look up the name and instructions)
33) Sheaf Stitch
34) Pistil Stitch
35) Drizzle Stitch (I used a tiny blob of glue to stiffen the tip of the thread so it would be easy to rethread the needle again and again)


  1. Undoing ....? Oh it is my daily occupation with my knitting.- they call it tinking. For embroidery it would be: yrediorbme - cann you pronounce this word?

  2. Beautiful work, Queenie, You take such care to get them to turn out just right.

  3. these stitches are coming along so well

  4. I think the drizzle stitch is a new one for me.

  5. Nice new stitches. I so love the combination of the first three. What a beautiful frame they would make.


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