Tuesday, 17 May 2016

TASTy Tuesday - Second Helpings 1-7

Do you remember TAST? Take A Stitch Tuesday, a course of embroidery stitches taught by Sharon Boggon of Pintangle. I took part in her course and worked 140 stitches. (You can see them all under the label TAST at the top of this page).
 I have used many of the stitches in various projects, but as time pass I feel I have lost both the names and instructions for too many of them. It is time to revise, take Second Helpings on a TASTY Tuesday.

Here are the first seven stitches, worked one per day, on a large piece of 16 count Aida.

From the top TAST #
1) Fly Stitch
2) Buttonhole Stitch
3) Feather Stitch
4) Cretan Stitch
5) Herringbone Stitch
6) Chevron Stitch
7) Detached Lazy Daisy Stitch

If I work one stitch per day, I'll have the 140 stitches completed by end of September...
Of course I already know that some stitches are more complex and time consuming, and that 'life will get in the way' so the chances are that I will have completed the revision much later in the year. Anyway, this blog post is only for my own record and there is no need for you to comment.


margaret said...

what a good idea Queenie I have yet to do any on the latest set that Sharon is sharing but do plan to catch up soon!

Chitra Gangadharan said...

It is good thing you have started. nice personal challenge and record. All the best! It will be interesting to keep track

JennyPennyPoppy said...

A great idea! I've been thinking that when my TAST Owl is finished, I'll scan it and then label all the stitches as I can't remember which is which.

Anneliese said...

Wow, what exactness! And all in green, will you change the colour or will you stay with green? And where do you retain the names. I started a diary of intricate stitches which I never would know by heart after some time.

Lyn Warner said...

Lovely idea to have them all together on a sampler!

janie krig said...

Great idea for a project, beautiful stitches too.

crazyQstitcher said...

I found too, that remembering both the stitch method and names are hard to remember.
I made pages of Aida with each stitch and pasted a typed name beside it.
...but what to do when you create variations ?? continue on below the first design or begin more books??????
I did try adding different versions but think it not as neat.