Friday, 9 August 2013

Textile Quiz

Here is a Quiz for you.
Can you identify these textiles, where they are and whom they belong to?





  1. I can't identify any of them, but I am interested in knowing. I hope you will be posting the answers.

  2. I can only identify two, maybe. They are the Unicorn in Captivity, part of the Unicorn Tapestries at The Cloisters, and what looks like a costume for the Dolores Umbrage character in the Harry Potter stories. Your quiz intrigues me and I look forward to reading your answers!

    1. Oh, that's very good. Answers coming soon.

  3. you have been wondering here Queenie, suggest they might be in the V & A as I know you are in London, but maybe I am wrong!
    Will see you tomorrow at the FOQ, so looking forward to meeting you

    1. You are getting warm, but I will post the answers later.
      Yes, I am so thrilled for out meeting at FOQ.

  4. No 1 looks Medieval so is a dress of Ann Bowlyn?
    No 2 The unicorn tapestry I think the cloisters
    No 3 Is a woollen patchwork quilt, block of cheese, basic chair, so it is a display of a workers home but I don't know where. But then again it might be from the Weasly's house in the Harry Potter Museum.
    No 4 Is Doris Umbridge's out fit so it must be the Harry Potter museum. Who wouldn't know that cardigan.

  5. I think the fabrics belong to a Queen, they look expensive fabrics for their time, but it is just a guess!


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