Sunday, 11 November 2012

Embroidery on quilts at Yokohama

Continuing from yesterday's report from International Quilt Week Yokohama 2012, today I want to focus on embroidery. Year by year there are more innovative ways to quilt and add a bit of surface pizzazz to quilts by the way you stitch.

On my last blog post I showed how Hisako Chiba had used Long and Short Stitches. I have never seen that kind of stitch on a quilt before. Interesting! On this particular quilt a perfect choice:

Here is a detail from Sakiko Nakamoto's quilt I showed yesterday:

Kazuko Ikeda's quilt of a ginko tree lined avenue is entirely covered in embroidery:

Manga, cute and 'childish' drawings are often seen on quilts in Japan. Here is Aki Sakai's charming, and SMALL quilt:

The details are tiny!

Mitsuyo Umezawa added a picture of each of the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac:

And Yasuyo Kominami transferred a child's drawing to the quilt:

Finally is a detail of Toshiko Maeda's stitches:

This year there were not many crazy quilts in the contest. Japan's CQ queen Machiko Miyatani had a number of her stunning quilts on display. However, photography was not allowed in that section of the show, so no eye candy for you. Hideko Ishida, another skillful cq quilter, and maybe a member of TAST (well she has the button on her blog anyway), has written a bit about Machiko Miyatani here.


margaret said...

lovely lovely lovely what more can I say the large ginko tree avenue and Aki`s small quilt stole the show for me

latha said...

Here you are again with amazing works from the quilt exhibition... Thank you so much for the post..all look beautiful and wonderful!!!!

Allys said...

The quilts you have shown us are outstanding. Thank you for posting.

Lis said...

Most of the work seems to be stitched by hand, am I correct? I love the idea of transferring a child's drawing to a quilt, I will keep that idea in my memory bank I hope for when Sam is a little older. Thanks for sharing your visit to the exhibition.

Hopscotch said...

Thank you, Queenie, for sharing these wonderful photographs. They are so inspirational!