Saturday, 18 August 2012

Festival Of Quilts, Birmingham UK

So it is time for my annual visit to the big quilt festival at Birmingham. I have just looked at some of the many, many delightful quilts at the show.
Here are some of my favourites for the day:
'Say It with Flowers' by Rebecca Handyside

'A Day at the Seaside' by Julia Gahagan

'Textile Connections' by Shirley Aldridge and her 9 friends

This year the winning quilts were displayed together on a special wall. It made for an easier view of the 'cream'.
More quilts in tomorrow's report.


City Krafters said...

I like all your quilts they all look stunning ! Is it busy?
Have great weekend and enjoy all the quilts.

Pippa's quilts said...

Thank you for the photo's they are great. look forward to some more.

Rebecca Handyside said...

Hi - what a lovely surprise to come across your mention of my quilt 'Say it with Flowers'!! Thank you. I'm heading up to the NEC tomorrow and looking forward to seeing all the wonderful quilts and of course a touch of shopping :-). Did you enter anything this year?

Queeniepatch said...

Hi, Rebecca,
I spent another full day at the FOQ today and I must say your quilt is still at the very top of my list of favourites. There are many delightful entries this year and not as many visitors so it is even more enjoyable to look around without the huge crowds.
Yes, I have a miniature in the show (the wholecloth candlewick).
I hope you had a good time at the show and not spent too much money.

Queeniepatch said...

No, it is not as busy as previous years. This is good as it is easier to enjoy the quilts. Many nice quilts to look at!