Saturday, 14 July 2012

The substitute

As I told you before I will be shelving my bias tape quilt for some time. No, it is NOT turning into a UFO, I promise. Simply for practical reasons I will have to put it aside and work on something else, something smaller. The substitute is this crazy quilt block:

My latest work on this CQblock is the lace in the top left corner. I will try to post the progress on Sharon's Work in Progress Wednesday every week.


  1. now I can see where I am going wrong, I am making my individual patches too big, thanks Queenie for posting your block, will have to rethink

  2. The thing with small patches is that they take time to piece but less time to embellish.
    For a while now I will only have small pockets of time and with patches of these sizes it is more likely that I will actually do some work. Watch this space and see if I am a liar, ha, ha!


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